On Fabric
AFROPUNK attendees in color

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AFROPUNK Attendees in Color

photography by Imani Dennison & Sinjun Strom

AFROPUNK 2017 — Greater than parading about Commodore Barry Park in support of an event built on inclusion or a rare chance to witness Solange in all her glory, every year, AFROPUNK offers attendees a space to sport the otherwise hidden colors of their inner-most selves. Photographers Imani Dennison and Sinjun Strom channel the style of midcentury Malian photographer Malick Sidibé.

Similar to the stunning AFROPUNK 2016 concept by photographer Driely S, Dennison and Strom abstractly explored Afrofuturism, intimacy, and identity through portraiture. The perfect landscape: the Brooklyn festival that was founded on similar ideals. The weekend of live performances has evolved from a sonic experience to visual one. Attendees were seen wearing the prints reminiscent of the continent, conscious clothing that spoke to social issues, colored hair, and with a few going to the NSFW length of donning only their birthday suits. There are no rules (outside of the the obligatory non-negotiables sprawled across banners around the stage: No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, and No Hatefulness.) “There’s nothing more intimate and special about your subject being comfortable enough to be some version of their self in front of you,” says Dennison, who knew the festival would be the perfect backdrop for the project.

The Minds Behind 'On Fabric'

Imani Dennison is a visual artist who primarily uses analogue photography and filmmaking as her outlet. Sinjun Strom, who is also a photographer, works a lot with building and designing worlds with her backdrops. Sharing a love for Malik Sidibe and connecting with his style of creating backdrops to create a world or environment for his subjects was the glue to this collaboration.

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